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About us

This is our story

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We are TonGaming

The beginning

Welcome to TonGaming, where our journey began not just with an idea, but with a vision to revolutionize the gaming experience through the power of blockchain technology.
Several years ago, a group of blockchain enthusiasts and veteran game developers came together with a shared dream—to create a gaming platform that was more than just entertainment. We envisioned a world where gaming was seamlessly integrated with real-world value, where every player could not only play but also earn and contribute to the ecosystem.

This vision led to the birth of TonGaming.

Our Vision

TonGaming vision is to become a benchmark in the field of blockchain games, creating an ecosystem where games are not only a source of entertainment, but also an opportunity to earn through play-to-earn mechanisms . We envision a community where players can earn real-world rewards, enhancing interaction and engagement through blockchain technology.

Our Mission

Is to develop interactive and captivating games directly accessible via Telegram, ensuring security, transparency, and profitability. TonGaming is committed to providing enriching and accessible gaming experiences, where every interaction is valued and every player can see tangible benefits from their skills and engagement.

Our solid team

Behind the scene


CEO - Founder - Game Dev

S. Fox

CTO - Game Dev


Developer / Partner